Top young international designers on show at iD Dunedin Fashion Week

Dunedin's "new-look" iD fashion show kicks off with some of the world's youngest designers set to show off their creations.

With a new venue organisers hope to draw bigger crowds. Source: 1 NEWS

The event was famous for being held at the railway station, but now with a new venue it's hoping to draw bigger crowds with a greater focus on emerging talent. 

Dunedin's iD fashion show is huge for emerging designers, with 44 entries from 19 different countries

Artur Stec of Poland is one who's already wowed the judges, with his urban camouflage designs

"It's famous show for young designers, and that's why I'm here," he said.

Although the 31-year-old is not just limited to fabrics, he's also an extremely talented graffiti artist and looking to leave his mark on Dunedin.

"Probably I will paint some, of course legal, wall."

When it comes to practicality the Kiwis might just have the advantage with Gemma Cornish's summer wetsuit ensemble sure to grab attention.

"The wetsuits at the moment are just dominated by like males' styles and fits, so I'm like getting that femininity back in there and giving us girls something cool to surf in too," she said.

"The thing that's coming through is the themes, lots of the students are looking within themselves or at past memories of families and nostalgia," Judge Tanya Carlson said.

"What will win will be something that astounds us, really takes our breath away."

Tonight, it'll be the cat walk with the overall winner announced on Friday evening.