Top Royal NZ Ballet dancer performing in Antarctica to help raise awareness around climate change

Antarctica is to provide an unlikely stage for a first of its kind dance performance, to help demand attention for climate change.

1 NEWS’ Lisa Davies caught up with Madeline Graham as she rehearsed in Christchurch. Source: 1 NEWS

Top Kiwi choreographer Corey Baker, and one of the Royal New Zealand Ballet's premier dancers, Madeline Graham have headed to the ice, after a final rehearsal in Christchurch in the midst of the heatwave.

They’ll be at Scott Base for 15 days to perfect their performance.

"When we get there we're going to respond to the environment so we have to really observe the beautiful structures, the glaciers and the ice, and use that architecture to help inspire movement," Baker says.

Graham has a special outfit designed for the extreme environment and has been practicising at the Wellington Ice rink to prepare.

"Different surface, very slippery, we've been down to the rink in Wellington to kind of test out a few moves try some spins and turns," she says.

The aim of the dance, which will be filmed for a documentary is to raise awareness of climate change.

"Hopefully beautiful but also powerful, we'll be able to share a message around climate change that sticks with people in a different way," Baker says.

The four minute dance will be broadcast by the BBC on Earth Day in April.