Top NZ scientist warns Covid-19 could become as common as influenza

Prominent scientist Sir Peter Gluckman is warning people of the stark reality that Covid-19 could be here to stay.

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Gluckman, who is president-elect of the International Science Panel looking at Covid-19, says there’s a lot of work to be done globally before we can handle coronavirus like influenza. Source: Q+A

The president-elect of the International Science Council, Gluckman says there needs to be a united approach in the battle against the pandemic.

“We need to do a lot of work globally to make sure the world can treat this virus as it could influenza,” he shared with Q+A’s Jack Tame.

“It’s going to probably be inevitably endemic, it’s inevitably going to be at low levels in our society forever.”

He supported the proposal by National for a designated MIQ facility, removing any risk of transmission from managed isolation into the CBD.

He says due to the likelihood of future flare-ups or new viruses emerging, a specialised facility wouldn’t be the worst thing for the government to consider.

“This will not be the last pandemic. I mean scientists have been saying for years there will be a pandemic where we don’t know its origins – then having a designated facility wouldn’t be unwise.“