Top four: Semi-final flag designs revealed

They're finally here. The four flag designs picked by the consideration panel have been revealed in Wellington.

The final four were whittled down from more than 10,000 and the winner will go up against the current NZ flag. Source: 1 NEWS

The final four designs in the running to be New Zealand's flag were unveiled at Te Papa this morning.

They are considered to be the strongest designs out of a long list of 40 by the 12 member consideration panel.

The lack of a classic silver fern on a black background will dispoint some, including Prime Minister John Key, but he has supported Kyle Lockwood’s designs.

"I like the fact they have the fern which I think the history of the fern is over 100-years the world knows that symbol."

However, New Zealand First leader Winston Peters and the RSA were not impressed by the available selection.

"They should go down and put keep our flag on the ballot paper informal voters will win the day and we stop wasting money," Mr Peters said.

Official renderings of the final four options in the New Zealand flag referendum. Source: 1 NEWS

Earlier today, one of the 12 panellists, Malcolm Mullholland said the process of choosing and voting on a flag change is a "world first" and other countries could follow suit.

"The way we've gone about it is the right way because to have to vote first up, that says do you want to change the flag or not?" Mr Mullholland told TVNZ's Breakfast programme this morning.

Having this way around is the right way to go about it. - Malcolm Mullholland, flag consideration panellist

"So having this way around is the right way to go about it. The world is watching."

The four flag designs picked for Kiwis to vote on later this year will be revealed today. Source: Breakfast

Speaking to Breakfast this morning, Mr Mullholland says he's happy with the four designs unanimously picked by the panel.

Kiwis will get the chance to vote on the designs revealed today in November.