Top cheap tips to shake the shiver in your home as polar blast grips the country




Kiwis can shake the shiver as winter goes into overdrive, with a little help from Seven Sharp's top tips that are just the ticket for the budget conscious.

Tim Wilson found out the best, cheap ways to stay warm over winter.
Source: Seven Sharp

An EECA Energywise expert, Chris, demonstrated for the programme some cheap ways to keep warm at home as the polar blast grips the country.

He said one of the biggest issues is draughts, and tightening up screws on windows helps reduce these.

To stop a draught coming through a gap under a door in the house, simply fold a towel a couple of times and slide it underneath the door.

Chris said heat pumps are a great source of heating, but unfortunately they get clogged up and don't run very efficiently. 

His solution is to open the heat pump lid, remove the filter and vacuum off all the dust gathered on it.

Chris advised against taking long showers to warm up, saying heating the rest of the house is far cheaper.

Window insulation kits are his final tip.

"They're like a poor man's double glazing. Low cost, but really effective," Chris said. 

Measure the window size and cut the plastic insulation to fit over it.

He then used a hair drier to heat the plastic to iron out any kinks in it.

So if all the snow, rain, wind and freezing temperatures are getting you down, Seven Sharp may just have come to the rescue.

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