Too tricky: Punters say Air New Zealand rap safety video is too hard to keep up with

Air New Zealand's latest safety video is too hard to understand, some people say, with the Civil Aviation Authority confirming it has received a formal complaint about it.

'It's Kiwi Safety' features a 600-strong cast including actor Julian Dennison, local musicians Kings, Theia and Randa, and talent from 30 community groups across the country.

The video is a tribute to the 1986 Run-D.M.C. hit 'It's Tricky', and many comments on Air New Zealand's Facebook post have been very positive.

However, others have complained that the rapped verses containing the actual safety instructions are too difficult to understand clearly.

"It difficult for visitors to NZ to understand us Kiwis at the best of times," wrote Stuart Millar, "safety instructions are important, so why make it even more difficult for travellers ... Air NZ seem to be focused on entertainment and in my opinion have lost track of what the safety briefing is all about."

Robin Mainprize wrote that, for those who are non-English speakers, the video could be difficult to comprehend.

"These videos are going over the top, and too long and laborious - the message is getting lost, and especially for our tourists where English is not their first language," she wrote.

"Come on AirNZ - you need to get a bit more back to basics!"

A CAA spokesperson confirmed to 1 NEWS that the video meets all the official rules for a safety briefing, and said Air New Zealand had consulted with them prior to the video being released.

They also confirmed that a formal complaint had been received about the video, and said they are considering it.

A spokesperson for Air New Zealand said while the Facebook version is not subtitled, the video briefings shown onboard their aircraft will be.

"Like all of our safety videos, It’s Kiwi Safety conveys safety messages in line with New Zealand regulatory (CAA) requirements and we always have a member of our safety team on set to ensure we correctly deliver the necessary safety messages," they said.

"Safety briefing cards are also provided to every customer and our crew are of course happy to assist should customers have any questions around our safety procedures."