Too trendy? Avocado prices hit all-time high

Bad news for avocado lovers in New Zealand, the price of a single avocado will now set you back five dollars. 

Avocado prices have doubled since April last year and are now at their highest level since July 2005, according to Statistics New Zealand.

Chief executive of NZ Avocado Jen Scoular told Fairfax the demand for avocados has soared since consumers have learned the health benefits from consuming the fruit, as well as how versatile they can be.

Avocados have also become an increasingly popular food for social media users and bloggers, incorporating the trending food into their daily snaps. 

Tomato prices are also on the rise at $6.70 a kilo, up from $4.81 a kilo a year ago, while prices for butter and chocolate are too on the rise.

However it's not all bad for food shoppers, grocery prices decreased 1.7 per cent since last year, due to lower milk and yogurt prices as well as meat, poultry and fish prices. 

Avocado file image.
Avocado file image. Source: Wikimedia Commons, Susan Slater