Tiny West Coast town fights back against coastal erosion with clever concrete invention

For years the tiny West Coast town of Granity has been known as the capital of coastal erosion as the town slowly slips in to the sea. 

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Granity’s been slipping into the sea for years, but some residents believe they’ve found a way to fight back. Source: 1 NEWS

Now, with the ocean lapping at their front door, a group of hardy locals believe they've found a way to fight back. 

Towering over the beach sits a fortress made of interlocking concrete blocks, designed and built by locals who have refused to surrender their homes to the Tasman Sea. 

"It's the West Coast attitude I suppose, if you want something done just get out and do it," says Granity resident Rex Mulholland. 

Storms had been bringing the ocean quite literally on to the town's doorstep, its only defence being a temporary rock wall. 

Now they have a simple yet clever idea as a solution - a network of concrete blocks made into hexagons so they slide in next to each other. 

Reporter Thomas Mead has more in the video above.