Tiny houses proving a big helping hand for Kaitaia's homelessness problem

A resourceful Kaitaia resident has taken a huge housing problem in the Far North and found a tiny solution.

One man with a big personality is trying to make a difference in the Northland town. Source: Seven Sharp

Ricky Houghton from He Korowai Trust is building affordable self-sufficient tiny homes which don't need a council consent.

"I guess the exciting thing about these homes is they're totally off the grid," Mr Houghton told Seven Sharp.

The two ten-metre-square buildings are also connected by a handy awning.

"What we're doing here is a direct response from what the people who are living in emergency accommodation have asked us to incorporate into the design," he said.

When asked about the final cost of one of his tiny homes Mr Houghton replied: "We haven't modelled the final price, but it is definitely going to be under $50,000."

"We're setting up a Maori trade training and they will build these units like McDonald's makes hamburgers," he said laughing.

Not only do you get an affordable house, Mr Houghton makes sure other help is available too.

"We can help them with their budgeting, we can help them with their medical care, help them with their addictions.

"We can help them with all the barriers that have kept them from achieving their maximum potential."