Timeline: How the February Auckland cluster grew

There are now 15 Covid-19 cases in four families connected to the Auckland February cluster. 

A sign at Papatoetoe High School. Source: 1 NEWS

Here's how the cluster grew.  

Sunday 14 February: Three new community cases of the B.1.1.7 variant diagnosed – A, B, and C. All belong to the same family unit.

The first person to experience symptoms, Case A, was a student at Papatoetoe High School.

The mother, Case B, works at LSG Skychefs, a catering a laundry firm at Auckland Airport. Papatoetoe High School is closed for testing.

Monday 15 February: Auckland moves to Alert Level 3, the rest of New Zealand to Alert Level 2.

Wednesday 17 February: Case D, a classmate of Case A, tests positive.

Cases E and F test positive – both family members of Case D.  This is the second family group to test positive.

Thursday 18 February: Auckland moves to Alert Level 2, the rest of New Zealand to Alert Level 1.

Friday 19 February: Vaccine rollout begins across New Zealand.

Case G, part of the same family unit as Cases D and E, tests positive. The fifth family member is moved into quarantine.

Tuesday 22 February: Case G tests positive in quarantine – the fifth member of the second family in the cluster. Papatoetoe High School is re-opened to people who have had a negative test.

Wednesday 23 February: Case I, another Papatoetoe High School student tests positive.

Case I’s family member, Case J, had gone to work at Kmart Botany, in violation of public health orders. Case K, an infant, also tests positive. This is the third family group to test positive. Papatoetoe High School is closed again.

Friday 26 February: Case L tests positive in quarantine, but had been going to work at KFC Botany, also in violation of public health orders. 

Saturday 27 February: Case M confirmed as a positive case after seeking a test on Friday.

The 21-year-old had been symptomatic since Tuesday. He had visited various places including MIT in Manukau and City Fitness Gym during the five days.

Case N tests positive later that same day. Case N is in the same family as Case M. This is the fourth family in the February cluster. 

At this time, the link is unknown as to how this community case popped up.

Sunday 28 February: Auckland is put in Alert Level 3 from 6am. Queues up to six hours long form as people who had left Auckland for the weekend try to return.

A sixth person, Case O, from family three, tests positive. They have been in isolation for their entire infectious period. 

The Prime Minister believes there will be more positive cases before the week is finished.


1) On Saturday afternoon, the Ministry of Health and Prime Minister were advised of the positive community case – Case M.

2) Members of family three were tested, and Case N tests positive.

3) Contact tracing starts.

4) Genomic sequencing on Sunday links Cases M and N to family two.

5) It is discovered Case N, a woman in her 40s, had contact with family two during Alert Level 3 on February 15 to 17.