Is it time for us to vote online? Not everyone convinced 'e-voting' will work

Some Kiwis have hit out at the ballot box system after a record-low voter turnout of 39.5 per cent in local elections across the country.

Few countries offer e-voting due to problems guaranteeing security, but a record low turnout for local body elections suggests something needs to change. Source: 1 NEWS

But one expert isn't convinced that online 'e-voting', which some have called for, will lift turnout.

Political scientist Bryce Edwards says local government politics just isn't that relevant to a lot people, and they don't like what politicians stand for.

"They just don't trust them and dislike a lot of them," Mr Edwards told 1 News.

Few countries offer 'e-voting', due to problems around security.

Australian officials were left red-faced in August when overseas hackers breached the nation's digital census, forcing it to be taken down.

It's now up to the government to make the next move.