Time to straighten and look away people: Technology blamed for bad posture

Research into bad posture has found that technology is causing major health issues, with teenagers complaining of neck problems usually seen in adults over 50.

Dr Giresh Kanji says he sees teenagers weekly with reversed neck shape from technology. Source: 1 NEWS

Frequent use of laptops, tablets and smart phones is impacting heavily on our health, according to research gathered by Dr Giresh Kanji for his book on bad posture caused by devices. 

"Every week we see a teenager whose shape of their neck has reversed," Dr Kanji told TV ONE's Breakfast prorgamme this morning. 

"The thing about the spine it’s like plasticine, it takes the shape you give it."

The 5kg weight of the human head plays a huge part in our posture problems according to Dr Kanji, with the weight doubling every 10 degrees we look down.

He became a victim of his own research while completing a five-year PhD involving a lot of computer time and research.

The thing about the spine it’s like plasticine, it takes the shape you give it - Dr Giresh Kanji

"I woke up with tingling in my fingers and neck pain and I didn’t know why.

"As I did the research for my book I found out its gravity, the pressure of the head squashes the neck."

Dr Kanji recommends raising screens up for good posture, and taking mini-breaks away from your devices.

"It’s that fixed posture every minute that squashes the neck slowly, and drives out the fluid from your discs.

"Often there are devices that can time-out computers in 20 minutes so you can get up, walk around and come back."