'Time for proper justice' - Angry commenters call for vigilante 'manhunt' after pig dogs burned alive in Northland

Social media commenters are calling for the thieves whole stole a ute in Northland before burning it with two pig dogs inside to face a similar fate.

Thieves stole a white Toyota Hilux from a property on Awaroa Road in Broadwood, southeast of Kaitaia, on Friday night, the Northern Advocate reported.

Malcolm Scrivener told the Advocate that the thieves had broken into his sons' property - Chad and Theo - and taken the ute before crashing into a nearby paddock.

"They crashed the ute into a (Awaroa Rd) paddock then came back just before daylight to take the car away which they'd left behind, but (they) could not do so," Mr Scrivener said.

"They then got petrol and set the Hilux alight knowing full well the dogs were in there ... all they had to do was to open the door of the dog box and let them out."

The two dogs had been taken out on hunting trips for many years.

Nirvana Doaks, who is Theo Scrivener's partner, posted images online of the aftermath of the truck, prompting many to post tributes - and calls for retribution.

"Manhunt. Surely you must have some idea who it is," one person said.

"I've never seen anything like this, I can only hope you get the bastards and do the same ... my heart goes out to you," wrote another.

Whangarei Police have confirmed that they received a call early Saturday morning about the burning vehicle, and said they are investigating, but many on the post were calling for vigilante justice.

"I hope you find out who did this before the Police so you can serve up some justice for those dogs ... that's just sickening," wrote one.

"What goes around comes around mate ... they will get caught hopefully by the locals 1st," said another.

"Time for proper justice, give those guys to the family."

A spokesperson for Police, Detective Senior Sergeant Rhys Johnston, said police are taking the crime very seriously, and called for calm.

"It is always distressing when an animal is killed in such a cruel manner, and we know this has upset the public but we would ask that the community leaves the investigation to Police," he said.

"We are working hard to identify and locate those involved and hold them to account for their actions."

The crime is now being investigated by the Kaitaia CIB.

Anyone with information can call Kaitaia Police on 09 408 6500, or information can be given anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

A Toyota ute which was reportedly burned by thieves with two pig dogs inside.
A Toyota ute which was reportedly burned by thieves with two pig dogs inside. Source: Nirvana Doak/Facebook