TikTok's New Zealand operations might be bought by Microsoft in US deal

The New Zealand operations of popular video app TikTok could be bought out by Microsoft.

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It’s part of the tech giant’s proposal to take over the social media platform in the US. Source: 1 NEWS

It's part of the tech giant's proposal to take over TikTok in the US and several other countries from its Chinese owner.

US President Donald Trump has threatened to ban the app int the US amid claims of Chinese government spying, unless it's acquired by an American company. 

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Deadline set by Donald Trump for sale or shutdown of TikTok

Mr Trump has laid down a deadline of September 15, saying the app will be banned unless a deal can be done by then.

He also suggested an "appropriate deal" would require the US Treasury to get "a lot of money".

A decision on the purchase is due late next week.