Three women and four-year-old rescued thanks to cellphone light near Dunedin




A group of four people who were reported overdue from a walk yesterday afternoon in the Sliverpeaks, near Dunedin, have been found and picked up by a rescue helicopter. 

The three woman and the child who were rescued early this morning.

Source: New Zealand Police

The group of three 22-year-old women and a four year-old girl were reported overdue to police yesterday evening after failing to return from a short walk.

Family members raised concerns with police after they hadn't heard from the group since 4pm.

Police said that they were rescued around 1am today when a helicopter using night vision googles picked up the light from a cellphone screen. 

They said the group were checked over by medical staff and are safe and well. 

Approximately 35 police staff and LandSAR volunteers were involved in the search, as well as search dogs and a helicopter.

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