Three prisoners at large after escaping custody in Levin, hijacking car

Three prisoners have escaped from police custody in Levin tonight.


According to police they are Wiremu Eparaima, Te Wera Hemara, and Emmanuel Witana.

Police say in a statement that at around 5:40pm, the three were being placed into transport at Levin District Court when one "offender" restrained an officer in order to aid in the escape of three others.

Police say "the three ran from the station and got into the car of a man unknown to them, and demanded he drive away".

"A short time later they got out of this vehicle and left on foot."

Levin police say they do not want to unduly concern members of the public, but advise the community to be aware and report any suspicious activity to Police by calling 111 immediately.

If you see any of these three people do not approach them, and call 111 immediately.

Any information that may assist can also be reported to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.