Three people taken to hospital after fire on fishing boat at Timaru's port

Three people have been taken to hospital after a fishing vessel caught fire at Timaru's port last night.

Emergency services received the call to the 81 metre Dong Won at around 9:30pm last night where 11 fire engines attended.

The fire is still burning and is expected to continue to burn throughout the day. 

The fire is in the forward part of the ship and is a fuel fire. It is contained and doesn't pose a threat to any surrounding buildings or ships.

A Fire and Emergency NZ spokesperson said the ship has extensive damage.

Fishing vessel Dong Won on fire.
Fishing vessel Dong Won on fire. Source: Supplied

'Bro, no wonder you're white' - David Seymour bracing public embarrassment for sake of the kids on Dancing with the Stars

By Tom Dillane and Anna Whyte

The ACT MP will be donating all the money he raises on Dancing with the Stars to the Kidsline charity Source: 1 NEWS

He works 80 to 90 hours a week, has no dancing ability, and doesn't sleep as it is, yet David Seymour thought joining Dancing with Stars was a good opportunity for a hobby outside politics.

There was also the main incentive, of raising funds for Kidsline - which every dollar of his ballroom stint will go towards.

But the ACT MP is well aware these funds may come at a personal cost.

"Once I was accused of dancing, but I was actually just staggering to the other side of the room," Seymour says.

He said on another occasion, he attempted to dance but a friend of his said to him, "Bro, no wonder you're white."

But the Kidsline charity trumped any risk of minor embarrassment.

"I'm a former Kidsline buddy, I volunteered there, I'm going to raise a lot of money for Kidsline, especially in the age where kids face so much complex pressure and need support from organisations like Kidsline more than ever, so every dollar's going to them."

And there's other positives too.

"I think it's actually important that MPs get out there and do a bit of exercise, and have an interest in a hobby outside work," he says.

"Because you can become a very bland individual so why not spend 15 hours a week doing something a little different. I work 80 or 90 (hoours) a week, and I'm going to do 15 on this."

Asked how he would fit in sleep, Seymour wasn't phased: "I don't really fit in sleep that much now so I don't see why that would change."

Of his partner, Seymour either didn't know yet, or wouldn't disclose details.

"I just hope that she's going to be highly professional and good at dancing and very patient and good at teaching."


'I did it out of love' - The inspiring big sister who raised her seven siblings, got qualified and scored herself a new job

A Kiwi woman who quit her job to raise her seven brothers and sisters says she didn't do it for recognition but out of love.

Seven Sharp had the inspiring story of Jesse Te Iri Haturini who left her last job at 25 to look after the family.

The children were in care, and not doing well. 

"I was quite surprised that they couldn't really read, couldn't really count," Jesse said.

One young sister said: "It was hard 'cause we weren't all together as a family. We were just split up. And then, it was hard for Jesse to just get us all together."

Now at 31, Jesse has just started a new job as a stock controller, while also still running the home.

The family is together in a house wallpapered with achievement certificates, and Jesse is proud.

 "I didn't do it for recognition or anything, just did it out of love. And, yeah, I feel proud. People say you should be proud of yourself. I'm proud of them."

Jesse knows the value of education, having studied for 18 months to get qualifications, which bounced her to a programme called Switch Up. She saw an ad for the programme for while attending WINZ appointment. 

The programme lead to her new job at pipeline supplies company Humes, and even more respect from her siblings.

"She's like a mother to us. She helps us learn values," said Jesse's sister.

Now she’s a stock controller, Seven Sharp meets Jesse Te Iri Haturini. Source: Seven Sharp