Three new Covid-19 cases in NZ today, all in managed isolation

There are three new Covid-19 cases in New Zealand today, all in managed isolation or quarantine facilities.

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There were no new cases of Covid-19 reported in the community. 

One case reported today arrived on November 23 from Germany via Singapore. They tested positive for Covid-19 at routine day three testing.

Further testing of the case revealed the case was "historical". It has been reported in New Zealand's totals because it wasn't reported overseas, the Ministry of Health said.

The second case arrived on November 23 from the US. This person was tested at day six after a person in their bubble tested positive at day three. This person is in the same bubble as two people reported yesterday.

The third case arrived on November 26 from South Africa and tested positive at routine day three testing.

Three previously reported cases are now considered recovered, so New Zealand's active case count remains at 72. 

Swabs were taken yesterday from the 46 members of the Pakistan cricket squad staying in a Christchurch facility, who to date have returned negative test results for Covid-19.

Of the group, 42 have returned a further negative test result. Three are under investigation to determine whether they are historical cases, and one test result is pending.

Yesterday, four new cases were reported in managed isolation.

Laboratories processed 3165 tests yesterday, bringing the total number of tests completed to date to nearly 1.3 million.

The NZ COVID Tracer app now has 2,389,500 registered users.

Users have scanned posters 130,462,564 times and have created 5,278,028 manual diary entries.

The Ministry of Health released today's update in a written statement.