Three men rescued from Wellington Harbour, but their dog died, after boat capsizes

Three men who weren’t wearing life-jackets were rescued this afternoon in the Wellington Harbour after their boat capsized, but unfortunately their dog, also aboard, did not survive.

Three men in Wellington Harbour after their boat capsized. Source: Alice Montague

Witness Alice Montague, on the ferry home from Wellington to Eastbourne, says she saw three men in trouble in the water.

“We drove towards them, got closer and saw it was a capsized little boat,” she said.

“They shouted at us and said that they didn’t have life-jackets."

The ferry crew alerted police to the incident and threw life-jackets to the trio when they got close enough.

Wellington Regional Harbourmaster Grant Nalder confirmed the dog did not survive.

“When the boat capsized, the dog got trapped in the boat,” he said.

“They were pulling in a fishing net and all the weight was in the back of the boat and it tipped over."

Mr Nalder said the temperature in the harbour today was 11 degrees.

“Once you’re in the water, you’ve only got about 10 minutes of energy,” he said.

Police were called at 3pm this afternoon, and also confirmed the trio weren’t wearing life-jackets.