Three intrepid Auckland high school students turning bicycles into e-bikes

Three Henderson High School entrepreneurs are turning everyday bicycles into e-bikes at a fraction of the cost of a new one.

Volt Electrics was a business born out of personal plight when Grayson baulked at the price of a new e-bike.

"I went to go buy an e-bike, and they were three and a half grand for a base model. I said, 'Hey I can do it cheaper than that,'" Grayson told Seven Sharp.

Grayson went into business with Stefan and Neils, with the trio getting help from Avanti Cycles to give junk laptops a second life.

"Our niche is that we take the lithium ion cells from laptop batteries, we got a few community drop off points, we just pick them up take them to our room and pop them open, we do our quality control, and we put them into e-bike batteries.” Grayson explained.

The method is the same used in Tesla cars, with the high school students welcoming comparisons to Tesla founder Elon Musk.

"Little Elon Musks…yeah, different scale, same dream," the boys said.

Teacher Hugh Jones is very proud of his students, saying they’ve been given a $15,000 grant from the Ministry of Youth Development.

"There's a massive market for e-bikes and it's only getting bigger so to get into it while it's growing at a phenomenal rate's amazing," Grayson said.

Grayson, Neils and Stefan from Henderson High School are onto a winner with their take on popular electronic bikes. Source: Seven Sharp