Thousands report feeling light but shallow quake in Christchurch

Cantabrians may have been shaken awake this morning as a light but shallow quake rocked the city.

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The 3.8 magnitude quake struck at a depth of just two kilometres. Source: 1 NEWS

By 6.35am, more than 5000 people had reported on GeoNet feeling the 3.8 magnitude earthquake 10 minutes earlier.

The shake was two kilometres deep and centred 15kms southeast of Christchurch.

Later, at 6.55am, the city was rocked by a 2.8 magnitude aftershock. The second quake was at a depth of 11kms.

Residents took to Twitter to share their experiences after both shakes this morning. 

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Thousands reported feeling the light but shallow 3.8 magnitude tremblor around 6.30am. Source: Breakfast

"Well that was a good shot of adrenaline to start the day," user David Delgarza wrote. 

Many described it as a rude wake-up call. 

"It was 3.8 but scared the crap out of me," said Nathaniel Flick.