Thousands gather in Christchurch to mark the end of Ramadan

More than 2000 people are expected to gather in Christchurch tonight to mark the end of Ramadan.

Since the Christchurch terrorist attacks earlier this year, Christchurch chefs are determined to help make this event an extra special day for Muslim families.

Simo Abbari who lost his business partner in one of the terrorist shootings says, "I thought the food can heal people."

"We use food as a tool to bring people together."

Mr Abbari manages Simo's International Cuisine and was joined by some of the city's best chefs, including Jimmy McIntyre who said he wanted to do something good for the community.

Ilex Café Chef Jonny Schwass says he was determined to deliver quality food and spent time in the kitchen with Muslim women to perfect their recipes.

"I got totally educated about flavour," he says.

It is believed that up to $30,000 worth of food was donated to the event, and those celebrating Ramadan are eating free of charge.

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It’s the first time there’s been a public Eid Day observance in the city. Source: 1 NEWS