Thousands gather in Auckland for People's Climate March event

People are gathering in towns and cities to join a global event called the People's Climate March, with thousands meeting today in Auckland's Albert Park.

Twenty-five events were scheduled around the country to coincide with the talks in Paris this week. Source: 1 NEWS

Despite the showery weather people have come out to send a message to the world leaders ahead of talks in Paris this week.

Celebrities expected to attend the march include Lucy Lawless and Hayley Holt and they will be joined by academics, union organisers and church leaders.

Jack Tame says spare a thought for those in the Persian Gulf where scientists reckon by the end of the century, it will be too hot for human habitation. Source: Seven Sharp

Fala Haulangi, a Tuvaluan and union organiser, says climate change is about the survival and "the very existence of my people".

While Sarah Thomson, a law student at Waikato University, wants urgent and meaningful action on climate change.

"As a young person, I will see the effects of climate change unfold within my lifetime," said Ms Thomson.

A three metre rise in seas levels would drown Auckland Source: 1 NEWS

"It is our generation, and our children's generation, who will pay the true cost of decisions made by generations before us."