Thousands feel swarm of earthquakes centred near Rotorua - 'Biggest I have felt in years'

An earthquake described as "light" by GeoNet has hit near Rotorua this morning and has been felt by thousands. 

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One person told 1 NEWS it was the largest earthquake she’s felt for some time. Source: Breakfast

Early reports put the quake at magnitude 4.5, located 20km east of Rotorua at a depth of four kilometres. 

Over 3000 people have reported feeling the shake on the GeoNet website since it struck at 7.57am.

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Grant Dally was one of many who felt shaking in a swarm of earthquakes, centred near Rotorua. Source: Breakfast

"Big earthquake here in Rotorua. Biggest I have felt in years. I am still shaking," Trish Bailey told 1 NEWS. 

The quake was followed by a magnitude 4.9 aftershock at 8.12am in the same area, at a depth of five kilometres, as well as several more shakes. 

Bruce Berry of Rotorua said he along with his father and sister felt the shaking.

"The biggest one went so long I didn't think it would end."