'I thought I was dying': Victim in Auckland quarry abduction case recalls panicked wait for police to find her

A 23-year-old woman abducted and assaulted at a quarry northwest of Auckland last year has tearfully recounted her ordeal to the High Court this morning.

The woman was picked up and driven to Riverhead quarry last February, where she was bashed over the head and knocked out. After coming round, she described her desperate call to police once her attacker had gone.

"I just kept saying I'm whole body was covered in blood I thought I was dying so I was saying this on the phone," she said.

Police are seeking a man and this vehicle over the shocking attack, which took place in Riverhead on Sunday morning. Source: Supplied

"I was in shock that they couldn't find me cause I guess on the movies it seems like you call in and you're found."

She eventually made her way to the road where police were able to track her down.

A 59 year old Auckland truck driver is facing 3 charges including kidnapping and assault with intent to commit sexual violation.

The accused, Colin Jack Mitchell is a former branch president of the RSA.

Colin Mitchell was described as a prowler as the Crown laid out its case against him. Source: 1 NEWS