'This is why so many Kiwis get killed by tourists' - outrage over YouTube star's speeding on NZ road

A British YouTube star on a road trip in New Zealand with his partner has learned an expensive lesson after being caught speeding - though he should be thankful he still has his licence.

Louis Cole from the Fun for Louis YouTube channel filmed the moment he was pulled over in Northland after he was caught speeding on the weekend.

"At 141km/h your licence gets suspended immediately," the officer tells Cole.

In New Zealand, if you are caught at more than 40 km/h above the speed limit you can get a 28-day licence suspension.

Waiting in his car for the officer to decide whether to fine Cole, the nervous YouTuber tells the camera he could lose his licence for 28 days.

"This is not good," Cole says.

"I didn't even know we were going fast. I was just cruising.

I didn't even know we were going fast. I was just cruising. - Louis Cole

"To be fair I don't know what the speed limit is in New Zealand."

Cole's excuse that he was speeding because he was rushing to get food didn't sit well with the officer.

"It's going to be an expensive dinner - an expensive cold dinner," the officer tells Cole.

The YouTuber, with 1.6 million subscribers, was given a fine of $400 after the cop decided to downgrade his speed to 139km/h.

Some people who have watched the clip have criticised the officer for letting Cole off with only a fine.

"This is why so many New Zealanders get killed by tourists and our road toll is so high," wrote one viewer.

"How do you drive 140kms and thing that you're cruising??" wrote another.

Cole says he's learned his lesson from the fine and will be driving a lot slower for the rest of his road trip.