'I think Simon still has the support of our caucus' - Amy Adams on National's Bridges, in wake of 'discipline and unity' push and low polling

National's Amy Adams says Simon Bridges still has the party's support, and talk of him pushing a message of discipline and unity at today's caucus meeting is media speculation.

It comes after Simon Bridges told NZ Herald on Sunday "there was a clear and strong message that in addition to holding the Government to account in developing our plans, we win back power by being disciplined and unified", after attending one of National's regional conferences in Hamilton. 

Mr Bridges was asked if he would convey that message at today's caucus meeting, "I consistently bang on those drums", he told NZ Herald. 

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"I don't know that he's going to make a speech," finance spokesperson Amy Adams told TVNZ1's Q+A. "That's media speculation, what happens in caucus is a private matter."

Earlier this month, Simon Bridges' preferred PM rating dropped down to just five per cent, the lowest during his time as National Party leader.

"I think Simon still has the support of our caucus," Ms Adams said. "Of course he does, we are loyal to our leader."

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"National know very well having watching Labour get it wrong for nine years that if you're chopping and changing your leader every five minutes in opposition, then you're not a stable alternative to Government."

Ms Adams said National were in an "incredibly strong position having just come out of nine years of Government and facing a Government and a Prime Minister that had a good response to the Christchurch terrorist attack."

"For us to still be polling in the 40s is actually very, very strong for this stage of the cycle."

When asked if Mr Bridges would lose support if party polls results were to drop, Ms Adams said "who knows what the future holds, Simon has the support of our caucus". 

"He's got my full support and I think caucus' full support."

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