'I think he’s done a pretty damn good job' – former Labour Minister Michael Cullen on Budget 2018

Finance Minister Grant Robertson has "done a pretty good job" during the reading of his first Budget, former Labour finance minister Michael Cullen has said.

Mr Cullen spoke to Q+A's Corin Dann about Finance Minister Grant Robertson's first Budget after it was announced in parliament today.

"The problem that Grant's had to face in this Budget is balancing between a number of promises," Mr Cullen said.

"Firstly, as far as possible, Labour's pre-election promises, but then, knowing for a fact that there are coalition and supply partners like New Zealand First and the Greens, but also following his own pre-set fiscal rules around operating expenditure being something around 30 per cent of GDP

"And from what I know of the figures so far, I think he's done a pretty good job."

Mr Cullen spoke to Q+A’s Corin Dann on Finance Minister Grant Robertson’s first Budget. Source: 1 NEWS