Think having pets at work is a good idea? TVNZ's Wellington newsroom is put to the test with doggy daycare

Think having a 'bring your pets to work' day is a great idea?

Research suggests bringing pets to the workplace helps reduce stress levels, so reporter Arrun Soma, and TVNZ's Wellington office, put the theory to the test - with some interesting results.

For the experiment, Arrun brought in his fur kids Minnie and Snow, and it was a rough start.

Soon, other dogs started pouring in and while some dogs started to bond, some other furry friends were getting into trouble.

Studies suggest pets at work can improve morale, absenteeism and work-life balance, and dogs are commonplace at companies such as Amazon and Google.

Reporter Kate Nicol-Williams is allergic to dogs but called today "the best work day ever".

"I'm just pushing through. Nothing compares to holding Minnie," she said.

However, doggy daycare proved to be more distracting for hard-hitting Q+A presenter Corin Dann, who said the four-legged friends "drown[ed] out some of the annoying things" he was hearing through his headphones.

"These dogs are lovely, they're little dogs. My only worry was I was gonna stand on one of them," he said.

By lunch, it's home time for Arrun's rambunctious pups.

His verdict: "So that was actually quite stressful. Slightly traumatic for dad. It's only midday and I'm taking them home because I actually do need to do some work and perhaps a bit more obedience training".

Research suggests having pets in the workplace lowers stress levels, so TVNZ’s Wellington office put it to the test. Source: Seven Sharp