Thieves execute 'Spider-Man' moves in bizarre robbery at Hamilton car yard

Two thieves busting into a Hamilton car yard pulled out all the stops to make sure they weren't detected, including creeping along the ground and doing somersaults. Unfortunately, they didn't seem to notice the security cameras capturing their every move.

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CCTV footage shows the thieves performing some odd moves, including crawling and spinning, in plain sight of the cameras. Source: Supplied

Aaren Wilson, business manager at Te Rapa Wholesale Cars, says the team had a good laugh when they saw the video footage.

"[I was] really impressed that they got past our motion sensors, and the rest was hilarious watching the Spider-Man crawl," he told 1 NEWS.

Wheels were stolen from two utes during the burglary on Sunday.

To try and track down the thieves, the team first posted a photo of the wheel-less utes to see if anyone in the community knew anything.

Yesterday they tried a different tack.

"The second post of Spider-Man was to show everyone we did have CCTV footage and also give everyone a laugh," Mr Wilson says.

The video has been shared almost 200 times so far - and may have helped find the alleged culprits.

"It's been overwhelming with the positive support and leads from the community, and we think we may have identified the thieves," Mr Wilson says.

Police confirmed to 1 NEWS they're investigating after receiving a report of wheels being stolen off vehicles in the area.