'They're clearly rattled by this attack on tax' - 1 NEWS' Corin Dann says Labour struggling under weight of National's tax focus




Labour is "clearly rattled" by National's unrelenting attack on the lack of details surrounding their tax policy, 1 NEWS political editor Corin Dann says.

The 1 NEWS political editor says the theme of the past few days has not been to Labour's advantage.
Source: 1 NEWS

National today launched a new negative ad campaign "Let's tax this", a play on Labour's campaign motto "Let's do this", suggesting a Labour government could impose at least six new taxes to stall the economy.

The ad campaign is a play on Labour's campaign theme: "Let’s do this".
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Dann said there is evidence among Labour politicians that the ongoing attacks are having an impact.

"I think they're clearly rattled by this attack on tax, they can't shake it, it's been going for many many days, and National has doubled down on it with this ad today," Dann said.

"So Labour is clearly taking a different tact. One, they're going to come out much much tougher with these accusation of lies, and really try to head them off at the pass.

"And two, we saw this with the health issue, try to shift the focus every day onto something else, because the problem for Labour is they've got this working group policy and it's leaving them exposed and they really aren't able to shut it down."      

It only took Jacinda Ardern a few hours to angrily hit back at National's new ad campaign ridiculing Labour's tax policies.
Source: 1 NEWS

Speaking in Nelson just a few hours after the National ad campaign was released this morning, Ms Ardern said National's ad campaign was blatant "scarmongering".

"I've seen a further ad today that is full of lies and scaremongering," Ms Ardern said.

"I will run an open, relentlessly positive campaign but they need to start running an honest one.

"We've already ruled out a number of taxes that they [National] continue to claim we'll introduce.

"In the ad they released today they claimed we were increasing income tax. That is patently incorrect."

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