'They'd have to be the thirstiest cabbages on the planet' - David Parker hits back at Horticulture NZ over water tax

The Labour Party's David Peters said Kiwi cabbages would have to be "the thirstiest cabbages on the planet" to cost as much as Horticulture New Zealand claims they would with Labour's water tax plans. 

Earlier this week they said Kiwis would have to pay $18 per cabbage if Labour put a tax on water. Source: Q+A

Mr Parker said on TVNZ's Q+A this morning that Labour's new water tax would likely be 1 or 2 cents per thousand litres of water meaning the cost to the consumer "would be less than a quarter of a cent". 

It comes after Horticulture New Zealand claimed Labour "hadn't done their homework on the issue of water tax" and it would be "like a speed camera on healthy food."

Mr Parker said the statement was a "level of scaremongering that would make Donald Trump blush" and said Labour's new water tax would raise "about $100 million across the whole of the country each year." 

When asked why he wouldn't raise the tax on large foreign corporations like Coca-cola Mr Parker said they already pay "a dollar per thousand litres" and "we're not going to charge them twice."