'They were terrified' - Waikato surfers say they were shot at, police say shooter may have 'taken exception to strangers' in the water

Two surfers were shot at by someone concealed in the bush while riding the waves at a small settlement in Waikato.

A surfer crests a wave. Source: File image

Waikato police said in the Facebook post the pair had been out in the waves on Thursday last week near Te Maika/Albatross Point at Taharoa when they were shot at.

"One of the bullets has hit just two metres away from the young fella ... naturally they were terrified and have left the area," police said.

Police said it's possible a local had taken exception to strangers using the water at the isolated settlement.

The shooters concealed themselves in nearby bush.

Anyone with information can contact Kawhia Police on 07 871 0827.