'They think, painting fake clothing on top of a nude body' - Body painter on a mission to change perception of body art

An award winning Wellington body painter is on a mission to challenge stereotypes she often sees associated with body art.

Sofia Bue has released a new book - Bodies of Art. Source: Seven Sharp

Sofia Bue is crowdfunding to publish her book Bodies of Art which she hopes will challenge perceptions about body art.

"I think a lot of people think body painting is sort of promo girls at events, or they think painting fake clothing on top of a nude body," she told Seven Sharp.

"So I think what I want with this project is also to challenge people's perception both of the nude body and art, but also of body painting as an art form and to really appreciate it."

Ms Bue started painting bodies about seven years ago and her award-winning efforts eventually scored her a job at Weta Workshop as a special effects make up expert, working on films like Ghost in the Shell and The Hobbit trilogy.

Her work fuels her passion for creating living, breathing works of art.

"That's the beauty of it. It's like, depending on who you painted on or what it's for and how the body moves, that will be your art work changing. So it sort of has unlimited possibilities in that way," she said.

Ms Bue hopes the book is "going to inspire people both to get creative themselves and also to challenge their own perception of body art".

Bodies of Art puts to pages the stories behind some of Ms Bue's breathtaking living pieces, and the magic in their creation.