'They’re taking the mickey' - David Seymour lambastes colleagues' $24k Japan rugby 'junket'

A flying visit by two MPs to watch the All Blacks play in Japan at the weekend will cost taxpayers about $24,000.

Source: 1 NEWS

Parliament's Speaker Trevor Mallard and senior National MP Gerry Brownlee flew to Tokyo to watch the All Blacks Test match in a trip they described as "sports diplomacy".

The ACT Party has labelled it an outrageous junket and its leader David Seymour is calling on the two MPs to pay the money back.

"They are literally taking the mickey out of New Zealanders by saying a 24-hour trip that happens to coincide with the All Blacks playing was a diplomatic effort," Mr Seymour said.

"Gerry Brownlee earns $180,000, Trevor Mallard earns $296,000. If they want to go to the rugby in Japan they can afford it whereas a lot of taxpayers can't.

"There's no chance that this is about taxpayer benefits. if you believe that you probably think Gerry should be running on for the ABs against England next week - it's not a public benefit, therefore they should pay the money back."

The short visit took place between November 2 and November 4.

Neither Mr Mallard nor Mr Brownlee would be interviewed by 1 NEWS today.

But in a statement last week Mr Mallard said the two would be "watching the All Blacks vs Brave Blossoms Test Match alongside senior Japanese Parliamentarians".

"In the current uncertain international climate it is crucial that New Zealand invests in strengthening our relationships with other robust parliamentary democracies, who will champion our values globally," the statement read.

Mr Seymour says it is just not on.

"Trevor and Gerry should pay the money back. They can both afford it, they've both been MPs earning hundreds of thousands of dollars a year for decades. If they want to pay to watch the ABs in Tokyo good on them, but there are lots of taxpayers who can't afford that and shouldn't have to pay."