'They need to get off their arse' - evicted Auckland tenant slams Govt over handling of housing crisis

An Auckland woman evicted from her rental after falling behind in the rent has issued an impassioned plea to the Government to do something about Auckland's housing crisis.

Sali Tiumalu made an impassioned plea to the Government after her family was evicted. Source: 1 NEWS

Sali Tiumalu told ONE News "this Government needs to get off their arse and start coming in here living in our shoes".

"Let's swap for the day ... let's see how that goes," she says.

Ms Tiumalu was paying $560 in rent and in the past has lived with up to 15 others in the house "helping them out until they can stand on their own two feet".

She says the contributions made to the household by those staying wasn't enough to keep on top of the rent.

Social Housing Minister Paula Bennett's plan to offer homeless people in Auckland a state house immediately, if they are willing to leave the city doesn't impress Ms Tiumalu.

"You can't offer them $5000 with nothing added on to it. You have to guarantee them jobs when they go down there."

"It's not a fresh start, it's just putting the bandaid over the sore".

She says Aucklanders need to "come together" to try and figure out a way through the housing crisis.

"Auckland needs people to fight for them. Auckland needs to come together so that we can solve this problem."

On TVNZ's Breakfast on Wednesday Prime Minister John Key refused to use the word "crisis" to describe the housing problem in Auckland.

"There are plenty of challenges in housing, and there have been for quite some time," he said.