These tips on how to avoid wasting petrol could save you $1000 a year

With the Commerce Commission saying that maybe our petrol companies aren't as competitive as they could be, Seven Sharp decided to look at ways Kiwi motorists can save on fuel themselves.

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Are you going to wait for Government action on fuel prices, or do something yourself? Source: Seven Sharp

Turns out you can start saving heaps of money on petrol straight away, by changing a few simple things.

Tip 1: Don't drive like a munter

Driving around with a leadfoot and riding the brakes hard quickly suck up the gas. By driving with a lighter touch you can save up to 20 per cent on petrol a year.

Tip 2: Lighten the load

Don't drive with a boot loaded up with unnecessary gear. The extra weight will drain your tank quicker and cost you an extra 10 per cent a year.

Tip 3: Get your tyre pressure right

Thirty two PSI in the front and 28 in the back is the general rule. Getting this sorted will save you around seven per cent on petrol a year.

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The Commerce Commission recommends softening the rules so that petrol companies can switch between suppliers. Source: 1 NEWS

Add these three tips together and the 37 per cent savings might mean you have an extra grand in your pocket each year!