'There's time and a place for tech' - questions over 'smart' Christchurch playground that allows kids to use phones while they play




The country's first "smart" playground has opened in Canterbury, allowing parents and kids to use a smartphone while they play.

But it's already facing criticism from some parents.
Source: 1 NEWS

The playground uses a new app that allows for built in augmented reality markers to be accessed by kids and parents using the facility.

It hasn't proved popular with everyone though, facing criticism from some parents who find tearing their kids away from screens hard enough already.

"There's time and a place for tech and it's not necessarily in the playground," one parent told 1 NEWS.

"I feel that a park is a place to get away from phones and TV," said another.

Dr Rachel Williams from the University of Auckland can see the benefits of the technology at Rolleston's Levi Park playground.

"If a tech advance or programme is what it take to encourage children who are hesitant to be active then I'm very supportive of that," she said.

Whether the smart playground takes off remains to be seen, as the lines blur between screen time and playtime.

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