'There was something unusual about this mission' - Andrew Little calls for independent inquiry into SAS raid




Labour leader Andrew Little said today that there needs to be an independent inquiry into the 2010 SAS raid in Afghanistan, and has committed to one if Labour is in government. 

PM Bill English yesterday ruled out an inquiry into the allegations made in the book Hit and Run.
Source: Breakfast

Speaking on Breakfast this morning, he told presenter Jack Tame that there was something "curious" about the operation. 

"At the time, it wasn't good enough to get the approval of the then Chief of Defence Force Jerry Mataparae or then Minister of Defence Wayne Mapp, they went all the way to the Prime Minister," Mr Little said. 

"That tells you there was something unusual about this particular mission.

"Over the years since the raid, the Defence Force's explanation on whether or not there's been civilian casualties has changed," he added.

Mr Little said the allegations in the book were serious and that the New Zealand public is entitled to know what happened in the mission.

In the book Hit and Run released this year, authors Nicky Hager and Jon Stephenson allege that the mission was a retaliatory raid that left six civilians dead.

Yesterday, Mr English ruled out holding an inquiry, much to the disappointment of the book's authors.

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