'There are some areas that we agree' - Ardern admits she and Peters don't see eye-to-eye on immigration

Prime Minister-Elect Jacinda Ardern revealed that she does not agree with NZ First leader Winston Peters' views on New Zealand's immigration issues.

Ardern sat down with Corin Dann on Q+A to discuss what the new government will look like and how they will make a difference in areas including New Zealand's housing market and the minimum wage.

But it was on the issue of the country's immigration laws that a divide appeared to show in the new coalition of Labour, NZ First and the Green Party. 

Ardern said she does not share Peters' belief that "immigration is about ethnicity and race", but also that she doesn't think that this will make things difficult moving forward in their term. 

"I've had constructive engagement with Mr Peters on a range of issues ... there are areas that we agree," Ardern said.

The new Prime Minister believes there are skill needs and shortages that need to be met and infrastructure pressures that they will work collectivley to face. 

Rather than working towards a set target, Ardern said that they're "focused on getting the settings right in our [New Zealand's] immigration system".

Corin Dann interviews Prime Minister-elect Jacinda Ardern on what the new government will look like. Source: Q+A