There are no NSA spy bases in NZ - GCSB boss

John Key says the head of the Government's spy agency has told him there are no US National Security Agency facilities on New Zealand soil.

Former GCSB boss Bruce Ferguson says claims NSA has a NZ presence have no credibility. Source: Breakfast

Whistleblower Edward Snowden made a number of claims about mass surveillance when he appeared via a video link at the Moment of Truth event, hosted by Internet Party founder Kim Dotcom, at Auckland Town Hall last night.

He told those at the event that there are NSA facilities in New Zealand, with one in Auckland, and another in the north of the country.

Mr Key told media today that the director of the GCSB has told him to his knowledge there are no NSA bases on New Zealand soil.

The National Party leader said he does not believe there are NSA operatives in New Zealand, and challenged those making the claims to show physical evidence of "these mythical spy bases".

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Former GCSB boss Bruce Ferguson told TV ONE's Breakfast programme that Mr Snowden was "hyping it all up" and that the message he portrayed was in his view "misleading and wrong".

He said there was "no credibility whatsoever" in the claim that there were NSA facilities in Northland and Auckland, and says when he heard this last night "any remaining credibility that I had in these people just went right out the window".

"Certainly if it happened in my time I was totally absolutely unaware of Americans or anyone else for that matter setting up spy bases in Auckland or in the North. That's a bunch of rubbish."

The other key speaker of the night was Julian Assange, speaking from London, who praised Nicky Hager's "groundbreaking" work with his book Dirty Politics.