'The worse the attack the more excited they are' - Kiwi women leave to be jihadi brides

New Zealand women are travelling to Iraq and Syria in large numbers to be jihadi brides, says New Zealand's spy agency.

An increasing number of New Zealanders are going to fight in Syria according to our spy and security boss. Source: 1 NEWS

Security Intelligence Security director Rebecca Kitteridge said there was a concerning rise in the numbers of Kiwi women joining the ISIS cause.

She added the list of 30-40 terror suspects in New Zealand hasn't grown but they are now a "worse type of people".

"The worse the attack the more excited they are."

She said the growing group of Kiwi women travelling to be jihadi brides was "something we haven't seen before".

"A lot of them seem to be people who may have other problems in their life.

"It's not your average person going out to work and happily married and raising kids ... it's a pattern of people who are kind of disengaged in some way with a productive life."

Ms Kitteridge's comments came while she was giving evidence to Parliament's intelligence and security committee today.