The woman who tracks illegal rubbish dumpers - for free




Kiri Danielle is on a campaign against illegal dumping and is slowly earning the respect of the Rotorua community.

Kiri Danielle is getting her hands dirty to save our forests and lakes from illegal rubbish dumping.
Source: Seven Sharp

An early childhood teacher by profession, she took solace in cleaning up rubbish in beautiful areas after her marriage ended and she left the Jehovahs Witnesses.

She isn't paid and gets no funding from anyone, and if anything, she has to fight to keep helping.

"There is red tape, and hoops to jump through and I kind of just dodge them all," she says.

"This is about the country that I grew up loving and I grew up playing in and running around in bare feet."

Kiri plays detective and looks through the rubbish until she is able to figure out who was responsible.

"This is not just down and out families - there are some very well-to-do people doing this to our country."

However, she doesn't want to go and berate the people dumping, but rather appeal to their hearts.

"They're not bad people, they've just made a wrong decision."

Noone from Rotorua Council would discuss the issue.

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