'That's not cool' - Wellington mayor says off-lead dogs are putting others at risk from coronavirus

Wellington’s mayor has a message for dog owners who have been letting them run free off-leash amid the coronavirus lockdown.

Feral dog (file picture). Source:

“That’s not cool.”

In his latest Covid-19 update, Andy Foster said he had received complaints of dog owners letting them run free in public.

He warned Wellingtonians that letting dogs off their leashes in public puts others at risk of catching the virus.

"Dogs are probably having the time of their lives during the lockdown – owners home all day and getting plenty of walks," the capital's mayor wrote.

"But we’re also getting complaints about dogs being left to run about off-leash, and people not picking up after their pets. That's not cool.

“Be kind - dogs must always be kept on a lead, or well under control in off-lead areas."

He pointed out that if a dog wanders off from its bubble and is touched by someone with the virus, that dog could take Covid-19 home. 

“Nobody wants that, so please keep dogs separate.”

Mr Foster had also received complaints of dog owners not picking up after them.

"And as for picking up after your canine friends – come on everyone."