Tesla taxis mixing it with ordinary cabs and Uber in Auckland

Tesla luxury electric cars are now mixing it with taxis and Uber in Auckland in a new business venture. 

Tesla luxury electric cars are now competing with taxis and Ubers in Auckland in a new business venture. Source: Seven Sharp

Bernard Bromell of the One Hundred Per Cent Electric Company (OHPEC) told Seven Sharp the Tesla, worth about $200,000, couldn't pay for itself if it was a normal petrol taxi with high maintenance and fuel costs.

But he said Tesla's generous warranty and re-charging provisions mean he can compete with regular taxis and even Uber on price.

"It's a no brainer to me. When I have run all the figures and done everything I'm going 'why is nobody else doing this?'"

His flat rate from Auckland's CBD to the airport is a competitive $60.

"My motivation is about environment friendly. For the customer, it's about the luxury, the performance, the technology, the beautiful car," he said.

Mr Bromell can tell the Tesla to drive itself, and it sticks to the speed limit and the correct lanes.

Customers are impressed, Sarah Pledger enthusing from the passenger seat: "Look what you get to travel in. Why would you not, why would you not? And the carbon footprint is zero, so its a win."

Mr Bromell said as soon as people get in the car they're fascinated and it's an educational experience for them.

"They're posting it on Facebook. They haven't just said 'I took a taxi from point A to point B."

And OHPEC is looking up.

"Two Tesla cars now, four cars next month, eight cars the month after. And then rapidly expand," Mr Bromell said.