'Tenacious work' over three years leads to $327m cocaine haul seized off Kiwi's boat

Australian police alleged a vessel travelled from NZ to a 'mothership' in the South Pacific Ocean to collect the drugs. Source: 1 NEWS

Plea for harmony a key message at Waitangi Day dawn service

Some iwi leaders today called for big changes to proceedings at Waitangi. Source: 1 NEWS

Speaking at Auckland’s Orakei marae he also joked about losing friends since leaving his post as finance minister. Source: 1 NEWS


Chatting with Trump, but not avoiding controversy - how Bill English criticised US President

The PM took the chance during his short phone call with Trump to criticise his anti-Muslim travel ban. Source: 1 NEWS

The PM said a "casual" offer of a visit was dicussed during his call with the US President, but would probably not happen before the election. Source: 1 NEWS