Ten years on, survivors of Christchurch earthquake reunite with those who pulled them from rubble

Ten years ago tomorrow, 185 people were killed in a Christchurch earthquake. But along with the terrible loss of life, there were also stories of miraculous survival.

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The February 22, 2011, quake killed 185 people. Source: 1 NEWS

A decade on, some survivors of the CTV building collapse met up with the heroes who pulled them from the wreckage on February 22, 2011 after the 6.3 magnitude quake struck.

Anne Malcolm got a chance to finally find out how her dramatic rescue unfolded, over a cup of tea.

"We started with the 'oh, oh no' and it just was like a tornado just hit us and everything was flying and I think I probably got knocked out," she said at the time.

"I had blocks all over me, I felt I couldn't breathe and I had dislocated [my] arm and pelvis and broken [my] arm."

Somehow she survived the catastrophic collapse of the CTV building, her body completely crushed as the fifth floor office plummeted down.

"The state of my body then was non-functional, the state of my body now is a creaky old 81-year-old's body that functions," Malcolm told 1 NEWS.

Poring over eerie photos of the moment they helped her cheat death, Malcolm got to meet the policemen who saved her life.

One of those men - Shane Cowles - who every year on the earthquake anniversary sends her a text.

"Sort of keeps you connected to what's happened. She went through something really major on that day and through that, so did I," he said.

"We have bonded, I suppose, because of that similarity and what we did on that day."

Malcolm said she was "eternally grateful" to those that came to her aid after the tragedy.

Her friend, Liz Ford, from the same office was also grateful.

Ford was trapped by her foot as violent aftershocks hit and fire took hold.

"It was pretty scary we didn't know if the flames were going to explode the building," she told 1 NEWS.

"It was just a really brave thing that they did, really brave.

"When somebody said 'there's somebody here, I can hear them', the next minute these legs, lovely big solid hairy legs, were in my little window," she recalled of the rescue.

Now they have new photos together and a bond that will never diminish.