Temperatures predicted to plummet through mid-week across much of the country

If you’re feeling a little chillier than usual tonight, it’s because temperatures below freezing are set to settle in down south and are also creeping up through to the central North Island.

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Temperatures are set to plummet, says 1 NEWS meteorologist Dan Corbett. Source: 1 NEWS

MetService is warning there will be frosty weather ahead, with the risk of icy roads around inland parts of the South Island stretching up to the Central Plateau. 

Temperatures may drop to as low as -5 degrees in southern regions. 

In the north, frosty conditions could reach up to the Waikato and even Auckland suburbs through until mid-week, 1 NEWS meteorologist Daniel Corbett said.  

Rain is forecast across many areas Friday - especially western and northern parts of both islands, MetService says.