Teina Pora compo bid different to David Bain's - minister

The Justice Minister says if Teina Pora was to apply for compensation it would be considered under different criteria to that of David Bain.

The Privy Council has recommended that Teina Pora not be retried for murder and rape. Source: 1 NEWS

No official bid has been made but Mr Pora's lawyers are considering it following the Privy Council's draft ruling that he shouldn't face a retrial for the 1992 rape and murder of Susan Burdett.

The Government is already considering a compensation bid from David Bain.

Mr Pora would face a slightly different process than Mr Bain because the Privy Council didn't order a retrial.

"It's a long process to go yet and Mr Pora will have to decide to make an application for that process to get underway, so it's in his hands really," Amy Adams told reporters this morning.

Ms Adams isn't concerned about the state of the justice system despite the two high profile cases.

"Not at all really, I think it shows the justice system is working as it should and that’s the appeal courts are undertaking the role they intended to take, which is to review the decisions of lower courts and change them if there’s a concern," she says.

"The decision on prosecution, whether to bring charges, whether the case is made, are made by a number of agencies of which I don’t have oversight and I’m not going to make comment."