Teens arrested after footage released of ciggie-motivated robberies at Z Energy stations

Four teenagers have been apprehended in connection with a spate of robberies at petrol stations in South Auckland.

The arrests follow Z Energy going public with video of the smash and grab raids. Source: 1 NEWS

Z Energy released video of the smash and grab raids which apparently have been triggered by a thriving black market for stolen cigarettes.

Three girls and a boy aged between 15 and 16 have been arrested.

Two have been charged with burglary and two will appear in Manukau Youth Court tomorrow.

Police are still looking for two more people.

The raiders focus on cigarettes and money, grabbing everything they can carry before fleeing and Z is fighting back, going public with images of the young men and women causing havoc in their stores.

One Z worker was badly beaten during one of three robberies at South Auckland stations in the last week.